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How do I label participants in my panel?

Label and organize your participant panel in Research Hub. Available for subscribed users only.

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November 19, 2019

Since a population can contain participants from various studies (even across teams), we've built in a labeling feature to allow you to organize your populations.


  • Build flexible lists for any need. 
  • Avoid cross-communication between teams and studies.
  • Create a feedback council.
  • Avoid over-contacting the same participants across teams and studies. 
  • Invite one person or large groups to your private projects in a couple clicks.

You can apply multiple labels to a participant, and you're welcome to create as many labels as you want. Color-coding provides some additional help in differentiating one label from another.

Associate labels to participants

  1. Select the participants you want to label
  2. Click "Add Labels"
  3. Select an existing label or create a new one
  4. Click "Add" to apply the label to the selected group

Create new labels

To create a new label, first select at least one participant you want to assign that label to. You'll see a button called "Add Labels" appear towards the bottom of the list. Click that button. Start typing in the new label and click on the option to create a new one. Then, click "Add".

Questions? Email and a member of our support team can answer all of your questions.

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