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How can I customize automated emails on my Hub project?

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Courtney Webster
Last updated:
January 19, 2023

Hub projects are filled with your own participant panel. All emails sent to Hub participants are able to be edited and tested in the "Automated emails" section of your Hub project. You can customize these emails by adding copy, or adding or removing the optional variables.

👉 Want to reuse email copy? Create an Email Template with custom copy once and use it over and over again on future projects. Learn more in our Email Templates support guide.

What emails do participants receive?

Project invitation: Participants receive this email when you invite them to the project.

Messenger alert: Participants receive this email when you use the messenger.

Approval notification: Participants receive this email after you approve them for the project.

Cancel or reschedule: Participants receive this email if they are removed from their scheduled session. This email takes into account all 4 cases where you may need to remove a participant (researcher cancel, researcher reschedule, participant cancel, participant reschedule).

Included in this email is a special variable: {{ note_from_researcher}}. When cancelling or rescheduling a participant, you can include a personalized note to the participant. This will be put in that variable in the body of your cancel or reschedule email that gets sent to that specific participant. Utilize the note field to thank the participant for their time, give context to why you're cancelling or rescheduling them, or just add your own personal touch to the email.

Session confirmation: Participants receive this email after they successfully schedule themselves for a session.

Session reminder: Participants receive this email 24 hours before the session is set to begin.

Incentive ready: Participants receive this email after you mark their session complete to redeem their incentive if UI is sending the incentive.

Incentive redeemed: Participants receive this email after redeeming their incentive (if UI is sending the incentive) for a record of payment details.

Thank you: Participants receive this email if they've completed a session where there was not an incentive.

Testing Automated Emails

Email tests are sent to the project owner. To preview how the email looks, or test changes to the email:

  1. Select "Send me a test" on the "Automated emails" section of your Hub project.
  1. Once in the email editor, select "Send test".


For security and deliverability reasons, we are unable to support many tags in any of our emails, including (but not limited to) <script>, <img>. </script>. Basic HTML styling tags will work in the invitation email template. More sophisticated HTML elements and javascript will not work for security reasons.

To update the look and feel of Hub emails, create an Email Theme with logos, colors, and formatting that reflect your brand. Learn more in our Email Themes support guide.

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