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How do I change the number of requested participants?

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January 10, 2022

There are two important numbers that you'll find on the Schedule tab of your project dashboard:

"Requested Participants" represents the number of participants you'd like us to book for your study. It's determined by you—the researcher—to tell us how many people we should recruit. This number should include regular and floater participants. A floater participant is someone who shows up for your study and waits in case you need them. They only participate if the regularly scheduled participant does not show up. They get paid if they participate or not.

"Confirmed Participants" represents the number of participants who have been booked and confirmed for your study. This number includes all sessions, past and upcoming. For past sessions, it includes those that were completed and those that resulted in a no-show.

A little insider knowledge: We don't consider a project a full recruit until the "Confirmed Participants" number equals the "Requested Participants" number.

Increasing or Decreasing Requested Participants #

You can increase or decrease your requested participants number at any time. Visit your project dashboard and go to your Schedule tab. Click the edit icon next the "Requested participants" box. You'll be able to edit this number, which will directly affect our recruiting efforts.

Please note that the requested participant number cannot be less than the confirmed number. 


  • Make sure you have at least an equal number of available sessions on your calendar to your requested participant number (or more) to allow for quicker scheduling!
  • If you want us to book additional participants, you must update your requested participant number and schedule before approving / inviting more candidates to your study.

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