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How can I replace a no-show?

written by
Courtney Webster
Last updated:
April 27, 2023

No-shows are no fun. But don't worry—you'll never be charged for someone who didn't show up.

If a participant no-shows, you'll want to mark this in your schedule. Click the "Did Not Show" (or for Unmoderated Tasks, "Incomplete") button next to their name. The following pop-up module will appear:

For unmoderated tasks, participants are marked as "Incomplete" as opposed to "Did not show"

To replace a no-show participant, please approve additional participants or add new sessions to your calendar (e.g. "extend the deadline" for Unmoderated Tasks) to re-invite approved participants.

If you choose not to replace the participant, please adjust your Requested Participant number to match your Confirmed Session number. Doing so will prevent approved participants from booking a session and incurring cancellation fees.

To learn more about adjusting your requested participant number, check out our support page here. Need some additional help? Contact us.

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