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How does the Messages tool work?

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September 30, 2019

Our messages tool is designed to give you a quick and simple line of communication with participants. Message alerts are sent to participants via text, encouraging them to log into their account to view their side of the messages portal.  

If you need to send more detailed instructions or communications, we recommend that you download participant data, which includes contact information, and send your message via your email.

New Message Alerts

When a new message has been sent to you, you'll receive an email alert. It will share the details of the message. In order to respond, you'll need to click the link (see below) and go to your dashboard. 

Pro-tip: Replying to an email alert directly will send your message to our support team (not the participant), so be sure to follow the instruction above!

Managing Email Notifications

Each collaborator will be able to turn email notifications about a project on or off. These notifications include the message alerts. Click the bell icon in the top righthand corner of the black menu bar to toggle your email notifications on and off.

Notifications are turned off based on the following setting:

Notifications are turned on based on the following setting:

If you are not receiving our notifications, but your email notifications are turned on, email for assistance.

Using the Messages Tool

To access your messages, click "Messages" under the Communicate section in the left hand menu.

You'll only be able to message a participant once they've confirmed themselves for your study. If you'd like to speak with qualified candidates for further review before approving them (a steps that allows them to confirm and schedule themselves), check out our Advanced Screening option.

To message someone, click on the name of the participant in the left hand navigation to open your message box. All messages that you send out will be stored in this tool with a time stamp.

When a participant responds, their name will move towards the top of the left side menu with an updated time stamp. If a new message has come through, click the green bar to refresh the conversation.

Questions about your project? Drop us a line!

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