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How do I recruit participants from specific locations for a remote study?

Target candidates from a specific country, state, or city.

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JP Allen
Last updated:
May 8, 2020

If you're conducting a remote study (online or over the phone), you can easily recruit participants from specific cities, states, or a specific country. You can even use screener questions to target more specifically if you'd like.

In the project builder, when you select "Online" or "Over the phone," a box will appear labeled "Recruit participants from a specific location." By default, "Does not matter" will be selected; click “I need to recruit from a specific location” to open up more options.

Target a specific country

Select “Country” and choose one of the available options. We currently recruit participants in the United States, Canada, and Australia. If you'd like to target more than one country, you will need to create multiple projects, one for each country. Duplicating projects is simple (see below).

Targeting specific states

Select “State” and choose a U.S. state from the dropdown. Click "Add another state" to target multiple states on the same project.

Targeting specific cities

Select “City” and start typing the city you need. This will populate options using data from Google Maps. Choose a pre-populated option, then click "Add another city" if you'd like to recruit from more than one city on the same project.

Target by county, zip code, neighborhood, etc.

You can narrow your targeting even further by adding questions to your screener survey. We recommend the following setup:

  1. Set up your project to recruit from certain states or cities.
  2. Add questions to your screener survey to get more details about applicants' county, zip code, neighborhood, etc. You may leave the answer free-form and review responses manually, or automatically accept/reject applicants based on their answers.

Tips if you're launching multiple projects

If you choose to launch multiple projects (for example, to recruit from more than one country), save time on setup with our duplication tool. Go to your account page and find the project you want to duplicate, and click "Duplicate."

You can learn more about duplicating studies here

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