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What is the participant's experience in a Hub project?

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November 11, 2021

Research Hub projects allow you to conduct research with your own users! With this in mind, we know it's important for you to understand what your user's experience will be like. First, you need to know, the participants experience will depend upon how they are invited.

Participants are invited one of two ways:

  1. Email invitation - CSV upload or invited from your Hub panel
  2. Project Link- hyperlinked within your website, marketing ad campaign, or user newsletters.

Email invitation

If you upload a CSV directly into your Hub project OR you invite users directly from your Hub panel, then the first interaction your participants will have with your project is your email invitation.

  • We will not send invitations to duplicate emails.
  • Your Hub Invite Rules will apply.
  • Check out how to segment your panel to make launching projects directly form your hub panel even easier.

The email invitation is built by YOU!  You can customize your email text to provide specific information relevant to your study.

Customize your Email Invitation for Maximum Engagement!

Moreover, if you have a Hub subscription, you can further customize the invite email with your own branding, formatting, domain, and sender profile within your own set of email templates!

Be sure to test your invitation email before launching!

Below is an example of the email invitation that a potential participant will receive when they are invited into your study.

Your email invitation is your first impression. This is the KEY to capturing your users attention and interest.

If they click "sign up," they will be routed to the Sign Up Form.

Project Link

If you have launched your project and copied the project link, then your users will go directly to the Sign Up Form.

Metrics are Only Captured for the Email Invitation.
This is great for reoccurring research projects with an active user base!

Note, from the project link, participants do NOT see your project description nor do they receive a project invitation. Only after approval will participants see the project description, incentive amount, and time commitment. From the project link, participants only see your project title atop the sign up form (see below).

Therefore, it is important to ensure the context of your research project is obvious wherever this is hyperlinked.

Sign Up Form

All roads lead to the Sign Up Form! After the participant has clicked "sign up" from the email invitation OR clicked on the project link, they land on the Sign Up Form.

Participants Fill in the Sign Up Form Before Every Project Application.

In order to capture your participant's application, we request some basic contact information. If this is a new user, they will be added to your panel. If they are already in your panel, any changes to their information will be updated in the panel.

This information remains in your participant population, and will never be shared or added into our Recruit population database.

Screener Survey

Once they've provided their contact information, they will be asked to complete your screener survey (if you created one). The following example is short and sweet, however, you can add as many questions, pages, and as much logic as you need.

Screener Surveys are Optional for Hub Projects.

Application Received

After a participant has completed the screener, they arrive at a page confirming that their application has been submitted. For them, it is a waiting game from this point on. If they are approved for the study, their experience will continue. If not, this is the last interaction they will have with our system until you invite them to another study.


When you approve a candidate, an email (that looks like the sample below) will trigger. Now they see your project title, project description, the time, location, and incentive amount.

Email to Approved Participants

Keep in mind that an approved participant is not a confirmed participant. They still need to follow the steps to make sure they are available and confirm their spot.


Once a participant has received their approval email, they can click 'sign up' to pick a time slot. The available time slots are the time slots you have entered on your calendar availability.

All Available Time Slots will Show.

Follow the directions in this support article if a participant is not available during any of your scheduled time slots.

After selecting a time slot, a pop up window appears. They are asked once again to confirm the date and time of their session.

Confirmation Pop Up

Confirmation Email

Immediately after a participant confirms a session time, they receive your confirmation email. The confirmation email should contain any additional details they need to know. For online studies, participants will also see the online meeting link if you provided one in the "Default location" field, added a custom location to the session, or have Zoom generating unique links on the project.

It's important that, as a researcher, you update your confirmation email before approving people to ensure they are receiving the most accurate information at the time of signup.

24 Hour Reminder

Participants will also receive a reminder email with all applicable study details 24 hours before the session or deadline. Should you or the participant need to cancel or reschedule the session, the participant will receive an email with that update.

Session Completed

Once a participant completes their session, they'll either receive an email allowing them to redeem their incentive if UI is distributing the incentive, or email thanking them for their participation if your research team is distributing the incentive.

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