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What is the participant's experience in a Hub project?

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June 10, 2021

With Research Hub projects you brings your own participants. With this in mind, we know it's important for you to understand what the participant experience will be like.

Study invitation

The first interaction your participants will have with you (and your private project) is an invitation to apply for your study. Below is an example of the email invitation that a potential participant will receive when they are invited into your study.

Sign up form

In order to capture your participant's contact information (and make sure they are interested in being a part of your study), we request some light contact information: first name, last name, and email address. This information remains in your participant population, and will never been shared or added into our general population database.

Study application

Once they've provided their contact information, they will be asked to complete your screener survey. The following example is short and sweet, however, you can add as many questions, pages, and as much logic as you need.

Study application received

When a participant has completed the screener, they've arrive at a page confirming that their feedback has been submitted. For them, it is a waiting game from this point on. If they are approved for the study, their experience will continue. If not, this is the last interaction they will have with our system until you invite them to another study.

Scheduling invite

When you approve a candidate, an email (that looks like the sample below) will trigger, immediately inviting them to sign up for your study. Keep in mind that an approved participant is not a confirmed participant. They still need to follow the steps to make sure they are available and confirm their spot.

Confirmation email

Once a participant has elected to be part of your study by confirmed a spot, they will receive your confirmation email with any additional details they need to know. For online studies participants will also see the online meeting link if you provided one in the "Default location" field, added a custom location to the session, or have Zoom generating unique links on the project.

It's important that, as a researcher, you update your confirmation email before approving people to ensure they are receiving the most accurate information at the time of signup.

Participants will also receive a reminder email with all applicable study details 24 hours before the session or deadline. Should you or the participant need to cancel or reschedule the session, the participant will receive an email with that update. Once a participant completes their session, they'll either receive an email allowing them to redeem their incentive if UI is distributing the incentive, or email thanking them for their participation if the research team is distributing the incentive.

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