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What are Invite Rules?

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Brittany Rutherford
Last updated:
November 16, 2021

Invite Rules are standardized criteria your team can set to make sure you’re inviting the right participants at the right time for Hub projects. These rules will automatically apply to all Hub study invites sent by your team, and are a great way to create consistency in who you invite across all your team’s studies. 

Examples of Invite Rules you can set

Only invite participants who:

  • Were last invited more than 30 days ago
  • Last applied more than 90 days ago
  • Haven’t completed a study with you before
  • Haven’t been paid more than $100 in incentives
  • Fit your ideal participant persona based on custom field criteria

Who has access to Invite Rules?

Research teams on a paid Hub Custom subscription can access Hub Invite Rules. Team admins can set rules, but at this time most teams are set so everyone has admin capabilities.

How do Invite Rules work? 

Invite Rules are automatically applied when anyone on your team invites a participant to a study. If a participant does not meet an Invite Rule, we will not invite them to your study. When inviting participants to a project, we'll show how many people were invited based on your Hub Invite Rules, filters, and unsubscribes in the invite modal.

We'll also share how many participants were not invited specifically from Hub Invite Rules in the success email after you've invited participants to your project.

How do I set or update an Invite Rule?

Note: Keep in mind that when you're creating an invite rule, you'll be creating a statement similar to "Invite participants if [X] is true," rather than "Do not invite participants if [X] is true." The invite rules function as a command of who is eligible to receive a project invitation and therefore automatically exclude others who do not fit the criteria. This is an important distinction to ensure the rules / statements are written correctly.

For those with admin access:

1. From your Hub, click “Manage Hub invite rules” 

2. Add a rule

3. Select "Publish Changes". Your Hub Invite Rules will be applied to all future invites to projects

For those who do not have admin access:

Team members who do not have access will see the lock message. Contact your team's admin if you have questions about Hub Invite Rules.

What Invite Rules does my team currently have in place? 

You can view your team’s current invite Rules in the top left corner of your Hub account.

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