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How do I resend invites to Hub participants who didn't apply the first time?

written by
Brittany Rutherford
Last updated:
August 3, 2021

When managing a Hub project, you might notice that some participants didn't apply after their initial invitation. If you'd like to re-invite them to apply, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the "Invite participants" tab in the workspace

2. Navigate to the "Invited participants" section. Select "Download CSV"

3. Upload your CSV in the "Upload a CSV of participants to invite" section on the "Invite participants" tab. Don't worry—the system will automatically prevent invitations going out to anyone who has already responded to the first invite, and will not create duplicate entries in Hub.

That's it! Participant who haven't responded to the first round of invites will be sent another invitation.

Please note: Only project owners may upload a CSV of participants at this time.

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