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What are best practices for managing a private project?

Tips and tricks for managing your private project and participant panel in Research Hub.

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September 30, 2019

Ready to launch a private project with Research Hub? We've got some best practices for you to keep in mind.

Video Highlights:

Project Setup

  • You can invite colleagues to work on your project with you. Here's how to use this feature.
  • Edit the "Additional Details" field in your confirmation email by clicking the "Edit Confirmation Details" button on the participants tab of your dashboard. This is a great place to put any important instructions that confirmed participants should know.

Inviting Participants

  • There are three ways to invite participants to your study. Skip to 2:00 minutes in to see two potential options, and review all three here.

Recruit Management

  • If you have a screener associated with your project, you'll need to approve qualified participants who come in. Simply click on a name and click "Mark Approved" to invite them into the study. This will trigger an email asking them to book themselves in your study.
  • If you do not have a screener associated with your project, qualified participants will be invited to book their spot in your study in lieu of completing a screener.
  • If you have already agreed upon a session time with a participant, click on their name to open their profile overview. Then, click the link that says "I want to schedule the participant in a specific time slot". This will allow you to book them yourself.
  • To reschedule or cancel someone from an upcoming session, visit the schedule tab and click the button next to their name.

Recording Participation

  • When someone completes their task or session, click "Completed" next to their name on your schedule tab. If you've asked us to distribute incentives, this step will automatically sent out their Amazon gift code via email. If you are distributing incentives, the status will move to "Interview Completed".
  • You'll be asked to give feedback on each participant marked "Completed". Please be honest as this helps us keep our audience quality high.
  • If someone doesn't show up or fails to complete their assignment, click "Did Not Show" next to their name on your schedule tab. You will not be charged for no-shows.

Participant Data Downloads

  • If you need to download participant data, including screener responses (if applicable), click the "Download Participant Data" button on the participants tab.

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