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January 7, 2021

User Interviews Release Notes 2021

NEW 1/7: Email Template Sets + Participant Referrals

Brittany Rutherford

Your feedback directly impacts what we build. Submit and upvote feature ideas on our public roadmap!

January 7- Email Template Sets + Participant Referrals

Email Template Sets—add custom messaging to templates to use over and over again

You’ve worked hard to build up a panel of engaged participants, and care about how you communicate with them. We’ve added a new tool to our paid Hub subscriptions—email template sets—to help you do just that!

Maintain your tone and voice through your project by creating a custom email template set. Make a template set once and you and your team can reuse it over and over again, saving time and ensuring participants receive emails that sound like YOU. Learn more about email template sets in our support guide.

A few ways we’re using email template sets:

  1. Keep terminology consistent across emails
  2. Add our own greetings and signoffs 
  3. Include personalized signatures with pronouns
  4. Update subject lines to include other information
Create template sets once and reuse messaging again and again

For paid Hub subscribers who want to keep branding and messaging consistent, check out our other features that help streamline communication: 

  • Update the look and feel of emails by creating an email theme
  • Set a sender profile so participants better recognize your emails 

Participant Referrals—refer a friend, get $30!

A big win for our participant community! Participants can now refer a friend to occupation based studies. Their friend or colleague gets paid for participating in the study, and they get some extra money in your pocket. For researchers, this will help us fill more niche occupation studies. A win-win all around!

Here’s how it works: Simply use the unique referral link to refer someone you think may be a good fit for a specific study. If your referral creates an account and completes the study you refer them to, you earn a $30 Amazon gift card. Learn more about referrals in our support guide.

Coming soon: Project Builder Overhaul

We’re just a few weeks out! We’re currently AB testing the new builder foundation, and will fine tune some aspects based on feedback. The new foundation will help us run more A/B tests and look at performance for parts of the builder, helping us identify areas of improvement. Our goal—make launching a project easy as pie. We can’t wait for you to see it!

And if you have ideas about where you'd like to see recruiting next, let us know by leaving a comment on our roadmap!

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Brittany Rutherford

Product Marketer

UXR participant advocate, employee 9ish at UI, remote work forever. Interested in minimalism, thrifting, vegan cooking, sitcoms, and her grumpy rescue dog Nash.

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