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October 4, 2017

User Interviews and Lookback Partner to Deliver Complete User Research Experience [Product News]

Your testing and recruiting needs, together.

Erin May

User Interviews and Lookback are teaming up to bring you a seamless research experience.

Here at User Interviews, we’re dedicated to helping companies make better decisions, user experiences, and gobs of money (!) through user research. We’re focused on the hugely important, and underserved, need for recruitment and user study management. But we know researchers, designers, and product managers have additional needs to round out their user research stack. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Lookback, which provides unlimited testing on any device, with anyone in the world.  

With Lookback and User Interviews together, you can target the best audiences for your prototypes, apps, and website, then record, analyze, and share the results.

We’re offering 3 free participants in your first study when you sign up for User Interviews + Lookback. Already a User Interviews researcher? Learn more about our partnership and check out Lookback.

Ready to launch a research project and easily recruit quality participants? Get started here.

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Erin May

VP, Growth & Marketing

Marketing, content, UX, CRM, and brand enthusiast. Customer and user advocate. Writer and editor. Lifelong learner. Strong opinions, weakly held. Lead marketing at User Interviews.

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