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How do I create shared calendar invites for sessions myself and/or with collaborators?

Keep relevant teammates in the loop by sending events for confirmed research sessions to their personal calendars.

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JP Allen
Last updated:
May 13, 2020

In addition to connecting your own calendar to a User Interviews project and letting collaborators connect theirs, you can automatically turn confirmed research sessions into shared Google or Outlook calendar events for you and your collaborators.

Feature Benefits

  • Get research on coworkers' calendars with less back-and-forth.
  • Share session details (a prototype, a Google doc for notetaking, etc.) with your collaborators, right inside a calendar event description.
  • Make sure everyone on your team has the information they need to be ready for every session.

How It Works

First, head to theManage availability section of any active project you've launched. In the righthand sidebar, you'll see a toggle labeled Invite collaborators to confirmed sessions:

Once you switch this on, collaborators who have connected their calendars to your project will receive calendar invites for confirmed sessions. To keep everyone's calendars uncluttered, only confirmed sessions (not tentative ones) create calendar events. 

Keep in mind: invitations will only be sent to sessions confirmed after you flip the switch. Invites won't be sent for any confirmed sessions already on the books at the time you activate this feature.

Extra perk: You and your collaborators can edit the event description (to add a Zoom link, note-taking document, prototype, etc.). The edits will show up on both of your calendars (but not the participant's). Great for coordinating sessions and sharing notes ahead of time!

To see a full rundown of this feature in action, here's a screen capture from Wen, the Product Manager who helped develop this feature:

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