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What is advanced screening?

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April 8, 2020

Without advanced screening, you'll only have access to the contact information of confirmed participants. So, turning on this feature gives you the ability to message and see the phone/email information for candidates before you approve and invite them to a project.

This tool costs +$20 per completed session. It is particularly useful for researchers who:

  • need to pre-screen candidates before approving and inviting them into the study.
  • require a task to be submitted to be considered for your study (i.e. submit pictures or videos).
  • need to check emails or phone numbers against an existing user database.
  • prefer to manually book participants to an agreed-upon time rather than letting them choose any open availability.

Adding advanced screening during setup

You'll be asked if you want advanced screening during your project setup. If you do, check the box!

If you don't select Advanced Screening during your setup, but change your mind after you launch the project, email We'll turn this feature on in a few minutes. (Please keep in mind that Advanced Screening can only be applied to a full project, not individual participants.)

Here's how it works

In the Participants tab of your project dashboard, you'll see the status, rating, name, and contact info for each participant:

Click on a on a participant to see their detailed profile, including demographic details, contact information, and screener question answers.

Messaging participants

On studies with advanced screening, you can reach out to unqualified and qualified participants before you decide who to approve and invite to participate in your research. Message qualified participants individually from the Messages section of the workspace; message unqualified participants from the Participants section; or click "Actions" in the Participants section to send a bulk message to participants who match certain filters.

Ready to schedule someone?

Let's say you're on the phone or in an email conversation with a participant. The two of you agree on a time. What do you do now?

Click on a participant's name and go to their profile. You'll see a link stating “Schedule for specific time slots” (see below). Click this link to open schedule times.

You'll be directed to a new page that lists your schedule availability. Select the date/time that you agreed (be sure to confirm and match up their timezone).

This step will manually confirm the participant, so be sure to agree upon a date/time together before you complete this step!

You'll be redirected back to your project dashboard when you've completed this step. Notice the green bar at the top, outlining the confirmation details of your recent booking.

Last, but not least...

We take data protection very seriously. All information is to be used to book on platform only. Any discovery of misuse of participant contact information is in violation of our terms, and will result in removal from our platform.

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