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How can I book participants myself?

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October 27, 2021

In order to book participants yourself, you'll need to have added our double screening feature to your project. This feature must apply to the full project, and cannot be used on specific participants.

This feature can be selected during project setup. If want to add it on after your project has been launched, ask your project coordinator to turn it on for you.

How to book a participants manually

Approving participants will send out a booking link asking them to select any available time. Keep this in mind as you might want to skip this step to lessen confusion.

Let's say you're on the phone or in an email conversation with a participant. The two of you agree on a time. What should you do? Click on any qualified or approved participant to view their responses. Under their name, you'll see a link that says "Schedule for specific time slot"—click here.

You’ll be taken to a screen that lists all of your open calendar availability (see below). Select the date and time you have agreed upon. Keep in mind that the times you see will reflect your timezone. Be sure to convert to the session time to match the participant's location.

Once you've selected a time, check your calendar to see if the participant has been confirmed.

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