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How is the coronavirus affecting User Interviews?

User Interviews will be pausing in-person research projects for the next few weeks. Here's what you need to know.

written by
JP Allen
Last updated:
March 25, 2020

First and foremost: to anyone reading this, we want to express the sincere hope that you and yours are well in this unusually stressful time. As always, we're here to help you and your team do valuable research no matter the circumstances.

We'll run through how we're tweaking our product to help keep researchers and participants safe during COVID-19.

  • What's changing?
  • How long will in-person projects be unavailable?
  • How does this affect the app?
  • How do I set up a remote project?
  • How do I change an in-person project to remote after launch?
  • How is COVID-19 affecting User Interviews as a company?
  • Where can I find advice on doing effective remote research?

What's changing?

Starting Friday, March 20th, User Interviews will no longer launch in-person or in-home projects, and will stop showing projects with those session types to participants. This is in line with public health guidelines to reduce person-to-person contact.

How long will in-person projects be unavailable?

Tentatively, the pause on in-person studies will last 30 days. We'll add to this page and email customers with any updates.

How does this affect the app?

Our interface will look the same as always, with one small difference: you'll no longer see the "In-Person" or "In-Home" options under Interview Type in the project builder. Instead, you'll be able to select "Online" or "Over the phone." (Note: these changes don't apply to unmoderated tasks, which are always remote.)

How do I set up a remote project?

When starting a new project or editing a draft, go to the "Set Up Project" section of the builder to pick a session type (see above screenshot).

Just like with in-person studies, you can target your recruit by location. If you’d like to recruit from multiple locations, choose “Does not matter” and email after you launch; we’ll set up any custom location targeting you’d like.

Further down on the same screen, in "Details for confirmed participants," you can include a link to the video conferencing solution of your choosing:

Only participants who you accept will receive the link and information you provide there. You can choose whether to approve participants manually or automatically.

How do I change an in-person project to remote after launch?

It's simple to change sessions from in-person to remote, even after a project is live.

  • If you’re currently recruiting for an in-person project, email your Project Coordinator at and we'll switch the project to remote. Or, if you’d prefer, cancel the project and duplicate it to create a new one. Note: participants will no longer see in-person projects in the app, so you likely won’t see any new applicants if you leave the project unchanged.
  • If you have in-person sessions already scheduled for a project, we encourage you to message participants to arrange for them to conduct their sessions remotely, and to email your Project Coordinator to change the session type. While changing the session type isn’t technically required, it will help keep any automated participant messages consistent and clear.

We’re ready and waiting to help you go remote and fill your projects on time.

How is COVID-19 affecting User Interviews as a company?

User Interviews is a fully remote company, and many of our clients already conduct research remotely. In fact, our own data analysis has found that remote sessions tend to have higher fill rates, lower no-show rates, and may require lower incentives due to the flexibility.

We built User Interviews to make recruiting simple, fast, and affordable for any kind of research—whether remote or in person. We’re already seeing researchers adjust their practices and launch more online projects, and our participants are as enthusiastic as ever about applying to projects and sharing their thoughts.

Where can I find advice on doing effective remote research?

I have more questions

Our amazing support team is available 7 days a week. Email and we'll get back to you right away.

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