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Can I earn credit by referring new users?

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June 9, 2021

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Invite friends and colleagues to give our platform a try by sharing your link found on your account dashboard. When your referral launches their first project, you'll both get three recruit credits added to your next project. These credits apply to both consumer and professional audiences.

If you're a participant who landed on this page, check out our participant referrals support guide.

How to earn credits

1. Log into your researcher account.

2. Click "My Projects" to visit your account page.

3. Scroll down to the "Give 3, Get 3" section.

4. Copy your unique link using the available button or a simple copy/paste.

5. Share your link with friends and colleagues. Make sure that you referrals create a project from your referral page. This is important to allow us to keep track of your credits!

6. When a referral launches their first project, credits will be automatically applied to each account.

User Interviews referral page
Your unique referral link can be found at the bottom of your account page.


Where can I view my accumulated credits?

We currently do not show your credit accumulation. If you're curious, email us at

Can recruit credits be applied toward participant incentives?

No. Recruit credits are only applied to the recruit fee. You will still need to issue incentives.

Can I add multiple sets (eg 3 sets for 9 total) of recruit credits to a project?

No. You can apply 1 set of 3 recruit credits to a single project at a time. If you have multiple sets of recruit credits, you will be able to use the next set of 3 on your next project.

Can I split up a set of 3 recruit credits? Eg use 2 on a project, and 1 on the next project?

No. Sets of recruit credits cannot be split up or rolled over. If you use 2 credits on a project, you effectively use up all 3.

I'm on a paid subscription plan. Can I earn recruit credits?

No. Recruit credits are only available for Pay As You Go projects, and the credit cannot be applied toward your monthly or annual bill.

My accrued credits are not showing up when I go to launch my project. Help!

Our team can assist—email us at and your Project Coordinator will be in touch soon.

Ready to start referring? Visit your account page (or, if you're new here, create an account) to access your unique referral link.

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