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How are incentives distributed to participants on private projects?

Control how you distribute incentives for projects with your audience.

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JP Allen
Last updated:
December 18, 2020

Research Hub makes it easy to distribute incentives to your research participants. This article breaks down incentive processing for private projects (that is, projects with participants from your own panel, aka Research Hub projects), in 3 scenarios:

  • If User Interviews distributes incentives.
  • If your team distributes incentives.
  • If you aren't distributing incentives.
  • If you add custom branding.

You can find a similar outline of incentives for public projects (aka Recruit Projects) with User Interviews participants here.

If you ask User Interviews to distribute incentives...

we'll issue them in the form of an gift card. Our team handles any support issues or questions regarding payment. Please note that we are only able to issue incentives to the countries we currently support: the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up automatic incentives. When creating your project, choose "Automatically distribute the incentives for me via Amazon gift cards" under "Incentive distribution." Then, simply type in the amount of your choice (recommendations here). If you need to change the incentive amount once a project is live, please email

🌐 A note about international incentives. Participants will be able to redeem incentives in the currency of their choice after you mark them completed. The incentive amount they redeem in their own currency is automatically calculated to be equal to the US dollar amount you enter.

2. Mark participant sessions "Completed." When you mark a participant session "Completed," the participant will automatically receive an email with a link to redeem their incentive on the User Interviews website. Once they redeem the incentive, they will receive a second email with a copy of the gift card code.

You can customize both of these emails and send yourself a test. Simply head to the "Automated emails" section of the project workspace, scroll down to "Incentive ready" or "Incentive redeemed", and click "Edit."

To give you a sense of the default participant experience, here are previews of the "Incentive ready" message and redemption flow:

An example "Incentive ready" email

An example of what participants see when they redeem incentives in our app, including currency selection.

3. Automatic billing. The incentive amount will be added to your bill, along with a 3% fee to cover processing costs.

If a participant messages you with questions about incentives distributed by User Interviews, feel free to send them to this support page, which outlines the process from the participant's point of view.

If your team chooses to distribute incentives...

we leave the responsibility of issuing incentives to you. Any questions from participants regarding payments will be directed to you.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up manual incentives. When creating your project, pick "I will manually distribute the incentives to participants" under "Incentive distribution." Type in the incentive amount and compensation type (for example, "check" or "prepaid card").

2. Distribute incentives. When you mark a participant session "Completed," no payment will be issued, and participants will not receive any automatic email. You can contact participants with instructions for redeeming incentives in the following ways:

  • Message them individually, either from the "Messages" section of the project workspace, or by searching for a name or email in the "Participants" section.
  • Bulk-message them from the "Participants" section—for example, by filtering on "Completed" status.
  • Contact them outside of User Interviews. (Filtering and bulk-exporting from the "Participants" section can be handy for this.) ⚠️ Keep in mind, if you message participants outside of User Interviews, their message history won't be added to their Hub profiles for future reference.

If you have any questions on best practices for unconventional or non-monetary incentives, get in touch at

If you aren't distributing an incentive...

your options are the same as if you were distributing incentives yourself, with one exception: participants will receive an automated "Thank you" message when you mark them "Completed." As with other automated emails, you can customize this message in the "Automated emails" section of the project workspace.

To skip setting up an incentive, choose "No incentive" under "Incentive distribution" when creating your project.

If your team adds custom branding... 🎨

If your team is on a paid subscription, you can give your participants a more custom experience by adding a logo to the top of all automated emails. (For teams on the Free Forever plan, emails will be logo-less.)

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