The UX Research Flex Stack

Build a custom tool set perfect for your team with the alternative to expensive all-in-one solutions.

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UX Research Flex Stack

Your affordable, flexible research tool set

With hundreds of user research tools out there, how do you build a stack that fits your team’s needs?

User Interviews has joined forces with 7 industry leaders to create the UX Research Flex Stack: a bundle of exclusive offers on all the tools you need to do high-quality, affordable research. Recruit participants, conduct research, and analyze qualitative data with tools that power the full research workflow.

Stop paying too much for “enterprise” software with more features than you need, or hunting down new SaaS products for every type of study you want to run. The curated tools in the Flex Stack are yours to use together or separately, whenever and however you need them.

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Pick the tools you need, when you need them
Build your Flex Stack

How to use the Flex Stack

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Recruit participants with User Interviews

User Interviews offers fast, affordable, top-quality recruiting. Use Recruit to source from our pool of 1.5+ million participants, or use Research Hub to talk to your own users in 75% less time.

Recruit 3 free participants ($120 - $300 value)

Gather Insights

Talk to participants with Lookback

With Lookback, your team can talk to participants and take timestamped notes, or participants can easily record themselves completing unmoderated tasks.

10% lifetime discount on any Lookback plan ($275/year value)

Create custom usability tests with Loop11

Speak to users, record their actions, and run custom usability tests. Let users test out your products or prototypes and run A/B tests to better understand how and why your website is used.

1 free month of Loop11 Pro ($250 value)

Turn prototypes into insights with

Maze is a user testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process.

50% off for 3 months ($74 - $198 value)

Run specialized tests with Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop makes it easy to create and share card sorts, tree tests, first-click tests, and surveys, and to take tagged, organized notes on qualitative research sessions.

Save 50% on your first 3 months ($199 value)

Analyze Insights

Build a qualitative research repository with Aurelius

Prove what you know with Aurelius's powerful research repository and insights platform. Simple, lightweight, and flexible, Aurelius includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Save 10% on any plan ($60 - $750 value)

Store, analyze, and collaborate on user research with Dovetail

Dovetail helps you store, analyze, and collaborate on user research in one place, making it easy to see patterns, discover customer insights, and decide what to do next.

2 months free, no credit card or ongoing commitment required ($250 value)

Tag, organize, and work together on research with EnjoyHQ

Centralize all your research data, improve collaboration, standardize your research process, and share insights easily.

50% off 3 months of any EnjoyHQ subscription for new accounts (save $38 - $788 per team member)

Upgrade your research workflow today

You'll receive 1 email with instructions to redeem exclusive offers on all 8 tools. User Interviews will share your email with the partners listed above.